Bugs Invade Energy Bars

Earth's population continues to increase - while resources like open land, for cattle grazing, disappear. How do we feed millions of hungry humans around the world? One idea: protein bars made from cricket flour.

Love, Betrayal and Cheese

Journalist Michael Paterniti set out for a small village in Spain to learn about a cheese which was considered the greatest in the world, but what he uncovered once he got there was a rather less savory story.

The Hip Herring

New-catch Holland herring is a special little fish and a seasonal treat for seals and humans alike. Niki Russ Federman of Manhattan's landmark seafood seller Russ & Daughters is the third generation of the family running this so-called "house that herring built," making her uniquely qualified to talk about this slippery delicacy.

What Are the ‘Fresh Wars’? (And Who’s Winning?)

Younger consumers are demanding fast food chains offer new, healthier choices. For a big company like McDonalds that means taking a risk on over six million pounds of cucumbers and a bunch of weird Austrian tubes.

Frozen Beer Heats up in L.A.

An ice cold beer -- it's the iconic summer tipple. The paradox: how do you keep that beer ice-cold in the summer heat? We head to L.A. restaurant Chaya, the first restaurant in America licensed to sell the solution: frozen beer.

Roots drummer Questlove shares a meatier kind of drumstick

As the drummer and co-leader of hip-hop group The Roots (also the house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) ?uestlove is music royalty. Now he’s getting into the food game, too, and it turns out his buttermilk chicken is as good as his music. Bon Appetit named it one of their top things to eat in 2012. We grilled the musician about his ironically healthy new diet, and why food is the new hip-hop. For more tales of ?uestlove’s life - musical and otherwise - his just-released memoir is sure to be a treat.

Jason Wise captures the ballet of wine tasting on film in ‘Somm’

Filmmaker Jason Wise follows the process of preparing for the insanely difficult examination required to become a certified Master Sommelier in his new documentary SOMM (in select theaters, and on iTunes). He tells us how making the film taught him about the seriousness and non-BS-ness, of becoming a true “wine surgeon.”

Stuffies, from tiny Rhode Island, finally hit it big

Rhode Island might be our smallest state, but its seafood heritage looms large. Case in point: the emergence of local favorite, the stuffie. Rico visits newly-opened eatery Connie & Ted’s in West Hollywood - and its two-Michelin-star chef Michael Cimarusti - to get the story in a clam-shell.

Lidia Bastianich’s Etiquette Answers Save You From Dining Sins

Lidia Bastianich is an Italian-American food star whose new PBS special, “Lidia Celebrates America: Freedom & Independence” debuts on June 28th. The special sees her taking a special road trip across the country, with stops in the kitchens of folks from a multitude of cultures. She talks with us about border-crossing cuisine, expanding palates, and cutting a cake with the Holy Father.