Restoring the Majestic Chestnut

They might be the favorite snack of Christmas song, but native wild chestnut trees that once grew along the east coast have been decimated by blight. Bryan Burhans is the president of The American Chestnut Foundation, an organization solely devoted to restoring the trees to their native habitat.

The Selby is in Your Dream Kitchen

Todd Selby, mastermind behind the New York Times column “Edible Selby” recently released a coffee table book chock-full of beautifully-shot kitchen spaces.

Crunchy, Crunchy History

Lately, there’s been a veritable explosion of fancy chips: plantain chips, kale chips, soy chips. The current craze inspired Sam Dean to write a history of the chip for Bon Appetit.

Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The New Vermouth

While old-school martini-swillers might see vermouth as little more than a flavoring interfering with the purity of their precious gin, a new generation of distillers is reinvigorating the fortified wine.

Eddie Huang Learns to Eat, American-Style

Eddie Huang is the restaurateur behind New York's popular bun shop BaoHaus. He also hosts the Vice TV series "Fresh Off the Boat," an irreverent take on food and assimilation which shares a title with his recent memoir. In the excerpt from his book he shared with us, Eddie takes us back to his first ‘All-American’ dinner.

Retro Restaurants to Remember

Author and nightlife historian Peter Moruzzi toured America’s remaining examples of old school, wood-paneld fine dining to write his new book “Classic Dining: Discovering Mid-Century Restaurants.”

The Mother of All Appetizers

This week's small talk is about some big food. Our friend Richard Lawson - currently with Atlantic Wire, just named the new Hollywood columnist for Vanity Fair - pops in to talk about a new mutant food.

Chef Daniel Boulud Shares Casual Extravagance

Star chef and restauranteur Daniel Boulud has a new cookbook of classic, rustic French fare. If he puts truffles on your potato, we suggest not pushing them to the side.