Rico gets a taste of home from Pittsburgh’s Primanti’s

America's been noshing it's way through a sandwich renaissance - with grilled-cheese cropping up on luxe menus, chefs reinventing fish sandwiches, etc. Now, Pittsburgh's signature sandwich - Primanti's - is making the rounds; restaurants and food trucks from SF to Brooklyn to LA have started serving the peculiar meat/fries/slaw sandwich. Native Pittsburgher Rico visits the original Primanti Bros. restaurant to learn why their concoction remains inimitable.

Panuchos, from the Yucatan to you

They're fun to say...and to eat: Panuchos! The beloved dish of Mexico's Yucatan region is finally starting to catch on stateside - the San Francisco Chronicle's food editor is a big panucho lover, and the dish got a mention in USA Today this month. Picture a tostada, crossed with a taco... with a hidden surprise. Rico caught up with Gilberto Cetina, chef at the Yucatanian restaurant "Chichen Itza" in L.A., to dig into this under-sung import.

Bobby Flay Grills with POTUS

Bobby Flay dishes on the Grill Master in Chief's cooking prowess, including his presidential banana cream pie.

3 Fruit Outcasts

High school, popularity and… citrus? A story of fruit rejection and redemption that John Hughes would have given his seal of approval.

Your Sandwich, Judged By Actual DPD Host

Sound like a fabulous dream? It could be a reality, if you register to compete in this Saturday's Grilled Cheese Invitational in L.A. Deadline's midnight tonight.

Google to Swallow Yelp?

Google has been eyeing the web’s most democratic (and often most obnoxious) review site. Some deets from¬†Bloomberg: ¬†Google Inc., owner of the world’s most popular Internet search engine, is in talks to acquire the do-it-yourself review site Yelp Inc. for more than $500 million, a person familiar with the discussions said. The timing of a […]