Gin’s special friend gets a spicy make-over

Gin and tonic might be long-time BFFs (possibly involved in a torrid love triangle with vermouth) but sometimes it seems like tonic water just isn’t holding up its side of the relationship. Enter Pedro Goncalves, beverage director at the Michelin-starred Oceana Restaurant in New York City, who’s joining the ranks of bartenders making their own tonics in-house. Looks like ol’ gin and tonic might still have some new adventures ahead of them after all.

Catching up on the Cronut craze

What has New Yorkers queuing for hours, launching a crazy black-market, and food-blogging so hard? Cronuts, of course. Brendan visited Dominique Ansel Bakery to learn all about the buttery treats - but that doesn’t mean he got to taste one.

Reyhan Harmanci on the most delicious encyclopedia

Reyhan Harmanci, Deputy Editor of the new food & culture magazine Modern Farmer guides us to La Tacopedia: Enciclopedia del taco which may be the world’s most delicious reference book.

Urban Salt Mines in the Sky

When Sarah Sproule realized that much of New York City's sea salt was shipped in from hundreds of miles away, she decided to make her own - locally - on the roof of a building in Midtown Manhattan.

Music Sommeliers Pair the Tunes to the Food

A recent LA Times article talked about the rise of "music sommeliers" - professional compilers of music playlists for restaurants - like the folks at Prescriptive Music. Brendan speaks with Prescriptive founder Allen Klevens about creating a song menu for every place... and every person.