The Value of Four-Dollar Toast

High-end toast has become a major trend in San Francisco. Is that natural for the local, artisan food movement or evidence that the city's tech elite will gentrify anything, even toast?

“Two Cupcakes” – Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill joins us this week to talk about his serious role in a serious film. This joke is about talking cupcakes.

Sniffing Out the Secrets of the Truffle Brothers

Truffles are one of the rarest and most expensive foodstuffs in the world - but what makes these earthy little mounds dug up out of the dirt into the very essence of luxury cuisine?

Chef Michael Cimarusti’s Children’s Menu

Micheal Cimarusti -- two-Michelin-star chef of Los Angeles' acclaimed Providence and Connie & Ted's restaurants -- tells us something he probably won't be serving.


Designing the World’s Best Pizza Box

Most of us would be more interested in what is inside a pizza box, but Scott Wiener is obsessed with innovation in the design of the box itself.

Is the Next Hot Accessory… a Bib?

DressTiez "clothing protectors" (aka bibs) serve a function which, heretofore, only napkins and eating like an adult were able to address: keeping one's lunch off of one's shirt.

“Hidden Steak” – Steve Okonski

Steve Okonski of indie band Diane Coffee answers an obvious question in this icebreaker. He and bandmate Shaun Fleming join us this week to share some tasteful dinner party songs.

Pittsburgh Skyline / Getty

The Culinary Renaissance of Pittsburgh, PA

Chef Kevin Sousa is one of the brightest stars bringing some sparkle to Pittsburgh's once-dull dining scene. He chatted with Rico about Steel City's changing tastes.

Celebrating a Feast of the Seven More Sustainable Fishes

On Christmas Eve, Chef Michael Cimarusti channels memories of his Italian grandmother through the kitchen of his fine-dining restaurant Providence to create his take on the feast of seven fishes. He keeps tradition, but modernizes some dishes, with an eye to sustainable practices.