A History Lesson With Booze ®

A Close Shave with History

We know we can thank King C. Gillette's 1895 invention of the disposable razor for at least two things: making shaving easier and safer for the average man - and, a century later, giving faux-vintage hipster barbershops something to rebel against.

A Cold War Close Call

You're the White House Security Adviser, it's 3AM, and you get the call that Doomsday is nigh — but then you learn it was all just a computer simulation gone awry.

Poetic Thief ‘Black Bart’ Botches a Job

This week in 1883, gentleman thief Black Bart finally botched one job after pulling off 27 stagecoach robberies. The lyrical larcenist left poems – but never dead bodies – at the scene of his crimes.

Diamonds You Can Drink

This week back in 1905, South African miner Frederick Wells unearthed a record-breaking royal treasure. We celebrate his discovery with this glistening cocktail.

The Great London Beer Flood

This week back in 1814, enormous vats of ale at London’s Meux Brewery burst, letting loose a tsunami of beer. Sound awesome? Not for the people it killed. Hear the sobering tale, and chase it with a cocktail that won’t help you dry out.

‘My Mother the Car’ Births a Sitcom Legacy

Pop culture went pretty... far out in the 1960s. One sitcom, "My Mother the Car" was so absurd - and absurdly bad - that it lived on (in infamy) for far longer than its 30 episodes.

A Drunken Bet Leads to an Airborne Stunt

In 1956, someone bet New Jersey resident Thomas Fitzpatrick that he couldn't get to Washington Heights in Manhattan in fifteen minutes. He took drastic measures to prove his drinking buddy wrong. Twice.