A History Lesson With Booze ®

The Jersey Devil

Seventy years ago this week, Orson Welles freaked out millions of American radio listeners with his radio dramatization of H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds." In it, the first Martian "pod" lands in the town of Grover's Mill, New Jersey. This week's cocktail is inspired by another infamous Garden State myth: The Jersey Devil -- a half devil, half horse said to roam the state's hinterlands.

Fish House Punch

The cornerstone of what would later be known as The White House was laid this week back in 1792. The house's first resident, John Adams, favored a colonial-style punch with a strange moniker.

The Jack Kerouac

This week back in 1940, the first cars rolled onto America's first highway -- The Pennsylvania Turnpike. Without it, Jack Kerouac would've had to name "On The Road"... er, something else.

The Red Baron and The French 75

Created by French WWI fighter pilots, this cocktail was named after the French 75mm Howitzer machine gun. It was lovingly referred to as the "Drink that kicks like a French 75."

The Great London Fire and The Blue Blazer

Created in the 1800's, the blue blazer is a rare drink - few people in the world actually make it. It requires high-proof Scotch and "Demerera," a raw sugar from French Guyana.

Banned Books and The Lolita Haze

Get scandalous with this cocktail inspired by scene in Lolita in which Humbert Humbert eats a plum. Using "young" genever, of course.

Jesse Owens and the Berliner Olympic

Olympic runner Jesse Owens broke down color barriers and shattered speed records in his day. In his honor, we mix up the Olympic Berliner - a combination of the Olympic (popular in Owens' day) and the Berliner, spiced with Kummel, a German caraway-flavored sweet liqueur.

Dillinger and The Old Fashioned

Manhattan cocktails were popular in John Dillinger’s day… and Old-Fashioned's are simply Manhattans with sugar and bitters added. Have a little blast from the past with this cocktail, as prepared by John the bartender at Los Angeles’ Dresden Room.