‘Man on Wire’ Philippe Petit on Creative Chaos

In 1974, French high-wire artist Philippe Petit walked into the history books via a wire strung between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the subject of the Academy Award-winning documentary, "Man on Wire." He continues to do wire-walking around the world and writes books, the latest of which is a book about the creative process.

Mimi Pond’s Risk-Taking Bohemians

Author and artist Mimi Pond's newest work is a graphic novel memoir of her bohemian life in 1970's Oakland. She kindly conforms to our request for an orderly list of her favorite depictions of bohemians from the era's pop culture.

Carol Leifer’s Teflon Back

Standup, author, and producer Carol Leifer is best known for her work as a writer for TV hits like "Seinfeld." Her newest book, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying," offers advice on succeeding in life and business. So we asked her to do the same for our listeners.

Lisa Robinson Takes Lou Reed to See CBGB’s Best Act

Music journalist Lisa Robinson has been backstage with the biggest names in rock music since her first job in 1969. In this story from her new memoir, she remembers a 1970s New York City night out with Lou Reed.

A Sous Chef, in the Heat of the Moment

Author and chef Michael Gibney has been working in some of the world's most renowned restaurants since age 16. His new book, "Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line" takes readers into the fast-paced world behind the kitchen door.