Solving Etiquette Mysteries with Janet Evanovich

Using a fake name just means twice as many hot guys, bows make Uggs elegant, and other questionable conclusions from best-selling author Janet Evanovich. "Takedown Twenty," her twentieth Stephanie Plum novel, is out now.

Sherill Tippins

The Utopian Experiment of the Chelsea Hotel

"Inside the Dream Palace: The Life and Times of New York's Legendary Chelsea Hotel" investigates the Manhattan landmark, its famous residents from Dylan Thomas to Dee Dee Ramone, and what may happen next for this historic property. Author Sherill Tippins tells us about a few particularly high points in its history.

Disorderly Eating

Writer Sherill Tippins jokes about one medical mystery that's pretty easy to solve.

Retro Restaurants to Remember

Author and nightlife historian Peter Moruzzi toured America’s remaining examples of old school, wood-paneld fine dining to write his new book “Classic Dining: Discovering Mid-Century Restaurants.”

Chef Daniel Boulud Shares Casual Extravagance

Star chef and restauranteur Daniel Boulud has a new cookbook of classic, rustic French fare. If he puts truffles on your potato, we suggest not pushing them to the side.

Sam Harris: Honestly

Neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris' new book explores his twenty year experiment in 'radical honesty' and discusses how even casual lying undermines human relationships.

“Ironic Misogynist Joke” – Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson — actor, fashion blogger, feminist and editor-in-chief of Rookie magazine (not to mention America’s imaginary teen sister) — jokes about “beauty essentials.”

Comic Artist Joe Sacco Faces the Black and White of War

A journalist and comic book artist, Joe Sacco uses the medium of graphic novels to tell non-fiction events in striking ways. In "The Great War" he focuses in on a single battle of WWI in great detail.

Ben Schott Expands His Vocabulary

Writer and "gentleman miscellanist" Ben Schott turned to the linguistic flexibility of German to create his own glossary of new words for very specific modern states.