Dave Barry Sticks to his Guns: Humor and Ignorance

With new book titled "You Can Date Boys When You're Forty: Dave Barry on Parenting and Other Topics He Knows Very Little About," how could we not invite Barry back to advise on other topics he knows very little about, listener etiquette questions?

Rebecca Mead Visits the Library, Home

In this story from her new book, "My Life in Middlemarch" about her love of George Eliot's classic novel, New Yorker critic Rebecca Mead touches - and smells - literary history.

Photo by Michael Lionstar

Carl Hiaasen and the Vile Pizza Plot

Author and journalist Carl Hiaasen has a hard time coming up with fiction that is more bizarre than the real-life headlines of his native Florida. He offers some slightly-bizarre advice to our own listeners' real-life questions.

“Bad Luck Wife” – Gary Shteyngart

Author Gary Shteyngart tells us three jokes that one old lady told him. He joins us in this episode to read from his new memoir, “Little Failure.”

The Big Literary Successes of a ‘Little Failure’

Lauded author Gary Shtenyngart has penned hit novels including "Super Sad True Love Story" and "Absurdistan." His newest book, "Little Failure" is his first memoir, named after the nickname his mother called him.