Eric Idle in our studios

Photographic evidence that Monty Python's Eric Idle graced us with his presence here at Dinner Party HQ this morning. PLUS: Idle reveals Python's secret U.S. weapon.

The Dinner Party Emmy Ballot

As of this writing we are T-minus four hours from the 2012 Emmy Awards. The telecast doesn’t quite inspire the viewing parties and wagering which surround the Oscars, but for those of you who’ll start an office betting pool on anything*, we offer our picks for tonight’s winners in a few categories, based as always on the only criteria that matters: Which of the nominees have appeared on our show.

Love! Ray

One day when I was ten or so, my Father brought home two library books for me. “The Martian Chronicles” and “R Is for Rocket.” I don’t know what possessed him to pick them; Dad’s not much a of a Sci-Fi fan. Maybe he had a feeling.

Nozawa dreams of Jiro

David Gelb, maker of a new documentary about the greatest sushi chef on Earth, names his favorite NYC sushi spots and talks about L.A. sushi legend Nozawa’s retirement plans.

Stephin Merritt’s bubblegum picks

The Magnetic Fields’ frontman knew “Don’t Stop Believin'” was a masterpiece before Tony Soprano did. Click to hear a couple more of his unheralded favorites:

Video: Burden’s “Metropolis II”

On this week’s show, Rico interviewed artist Chris Burden about his new slot-cars-on-steroids installation “Metropolis II.” Video of the piece in action during its opening weekend within:

Hi (again) Seattle!

This month, 94.9 KUOW-FM helps the good people of Seattle, WA start their weekends early… by spinning The Dinner Party Wednesday nights at 10pm. Click here for details:

Vote for Best Icebreaker of ’11

We’re compiling our annual “Best Of” show. Click “Read More” to chime in with your votes for the year’s best Icebreaker joke: