WHYY extends Brotherly Love to The Dinner Party

Starting December 3rd, Philly’s WHYY is airing “The Dinner Party” Saturdays at 9pm! And our half-Philly, all-Pennsylvanian hosting team couldn’t be more pleased.

Tonight: The Current joins the Party

Minnesotan music station par excellence “The Current” airs The Dinner Party tonight — November 13th — at 9pm. Tune in and pretend the weekend’s just beginning.

Underground Market Needs Above-Ground Help

A few episodes back, Rico reported on San Francisco’s monthly “Underground Market.” Alas, such stories seem to have brought the event some *less*-desirable attention… from the likes of the SF health department. Details, and how you can help, after the jump…

Your Sandwich, Judged By Actual DPD Host

Sound like a fabulous dream? It could be a reality, if you register to compete in this Saturday's Grilled Cheese Invitational in L.A. Deadline's midnight tonight.

The Lonely Whale: No Myth

In episode #84, author Karen Russell told us about a lonely whale whose damaged love song chases lady whales away. We couldn’t verify the story’s authenticity at the time, but it turns out it’s true (sort of)(sadly)…