Small Talk

Bellflower filmmaker’s parking tix 1/5 paid by P. Diddy

A few weeks back, DPD guests of honor Evan Glodell & Tyler Dawson — of the buzzed indie flick “Bellflower” — told us why they had to make their guerilla film far from the watchful eye of the law: Seems that during the shoot, they both had bench warrants out for their arrest, due to what Glodell claimed were $5,000 worth of unpaid parking tickets.

Well, make that $4,000. While taping an interview with Carson Daly at last month’s SXSW festival in Austin, Glodell received an unlikely visit from P. Diddy, who rained financial help upon the filmmaker in the form of cold hard cash. Video evidence:

Actually, in the video, Glodell says he’ll be using the money to drive himself and the film’s stunt car “Medusa” back home to California, where hopefully he’s worked out an installment plan with the parking authorities. Whatever, it couldn’t have happened to a more talented — and needy — actor/writer/director. Now here’s hoping Diddy also has a soft spot for microbudget public radio shows.