When Stars collide

Trek meets Wars on a pack of schizophrenic trading cards.

Remembering Howard Zinn

Hear an extended, 12-minute cut of our interview last February with the late Historian/Author/Activist.

“All”‘s theme, considered

*Below is a transcript of a voice-mail message left for me yesterday by Tim Walker, organizer and chief instigator of the world-famous [Grilled Cheese Invitational](http://grilledcheeseinvitational.com/). Try not to think about it during “All Things Considered” tonight; I dare you. -/RG* — Rico. It’s me. Listen, I don’t know if I shared with you this epiphany […]

James Bond As Chocoholic Santa Claus

Many thanks to [Marketplace Whiteboard](http://marketplace.publicradio.org/collections/coll_display.php?coll_id=20216) superstar Paddy Hirsch, who hepped us to this, the greatest TV ad series ever produced:

Best of 2009 — you tell us

The air is crisp, the Times Square Ball has been adorned with spankin’ new waterford crystal, and it has become temporarily impossible for journos like ourselves to get sources to return phone calls. Must be New Year’s week. And so we are assembling our 2nd annual year-end “Best Of” show. It’s a chance to showcase […]

Coolest Beatle: Ringo?

*Our guest blogger today is Steve Thornton — owner and operator of [The Indiepop List,](http://www.twee.net/list/) an online forum for lovers of pop music, particularly in the Belle & Sebastian vein. That’s where Steve first posted this vigorous defense of Ringo, and where I first read it. I should note Steve’s opinions do not necessarily reflect […]