Best of 2009 — you tell us

The air is crisp, the Times Square Ball has been adorned with spankin’ new waterford crystal, and it has become temporarily impossible for journos like ourselves to get sources to return phone calls. Must be New Year’s week.

And so we are assembling our 2nd annual year-end “Best Of” show. It’s a chance to showcase our favorite segments from the last 12 months, and also an opportunity to piece together an episode super-quick so we can spend our New Year’s eve chugging prosecco with loved ones instead of trapped in a studio entertaining *you* people.

And speaking of you people… we’d like you to chime in on this. What were your favorite DPD moments of 2009? What joke was so cringe-inducingly awful it came all the way back around to being awesome? Which Guest of Honor do you wish you could host at your table? What Main Course made your mouth water? What historical anecdote won you a dinner party? Which cocktail inspired you to have a $30,000 bottle of rare overproof Siberian Lychee-Absinthe Devil Rum airlifted to your house just so you could whip one up at home?

Leave your picks below, and if we use your suggestion on the show you’ll win a waterford crystal cupcake. Don’t tell Brendan.