Hi (again) Seattle!

Seattle-ites! [KUOW](, your local public radio station, loves you! How do we know? Why, because for at least the next month, they’ve decided to give you the gift of, well, us. Yes, the Dinner Party will now be hearable on your actual radios, in all our hour-long glory.
We air on an unusual day of the week, for a show that preps you for weekend dinner parties — KUOW will be broadcasting the show Wednesdays at 10pm. Think of it as an *early* start to the weekend. And we know you’ll be wide awake to listen at 10pm, because of all the coffee you people drink.
KUOW are good people; they ran the show back when we were just a little bitty 8-minute-long appetizer. Now that we’re a full 60-minute meal, they’ve cleared some room for us at their audio table yet again, and we couldn’t be more pleased.
Land of Hendrix, Cobain, Gates and excellent salmon, we salute you.
P.S. If you’re in Seattle and dig the show, let the station brass know it by dropping them an email [here](
P.P.S. Also, if you can get one of those Microsoft guys to fund an art project in which we position an enormous vinyl record over the Space Needle so it looks like the whole city is a gigantic upside-down turntable, that would rule.