Howlin’ Rain’s layover with RTX

On this week’s episode, Ethan Miller — frontman of hard-rockers Howlin Rain — listed a few favorite tunes he likes to bust out in the tour van… including RTX’s “Knightmare & Mane.”

RTX, now known as “Black Bananas,” is fronted by Jennifer Herrema. If you’re familiar at all with her or her original outfit Royal Trux, you’ll appreciate this little tidbit that didn’t make it into the original piece: In which Ethan describes catching a glimpse of her and the band shambling through an airport. And even if you’ve never heard of her, it’s as good a description as any of what a certain brand of rock looks and feels like.

Extra: Ethan Miller of Howlin Rain’s layover with RTX – on Public Radio’s The Dinner Party by The Dinner Party

Here’s “Knightmare & Mane”: