Eric Idle in our studios

Regardless of whether my preferred candidate wins today’s election, I got to meet ex-Monty Python comedy legend Eric Idle┬áin our studios this morning, so everything’s fine.

Eric stopped by to talk about the soon-to-be-released-on-iTunes video of his play “What About Dick,” starring Eddie Izzard… and also to answer our listeners’ etiquette questions, because that’s what you *want* from a man who writes a play called “What About Dick.”
Afterwards, because I am giant fanboy, I had assistant producer Jackson Musker snap this pic of the two of us:
For the record, that’s as overjoyed as I’ll ever look. Eric likes our “on the air” sign because it reminds him of “What About Dick” for some reason.

P.S. Since we’re being cleverly puerile, here’s a comment Eric made that won’t be in the final cut of the segment. He said he attributes Python’s success in the U.S. to two aspects of the troupe’s comedy, both provided by their sole American member, Terry Gilliam: “T*ts, and violence.”