Episode 198: Colin Firth, Bobby Flay, and Molly Ringwald’s Vault

Colin Firth/Cinedigm Ent.

This week: Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth explores masks and the mind… We grill star chef Bobby Flay on etiquette… Food writer Michael Pollan says we are because we cook…Molly Ringwald sets a new standard for musical standards… Jane Fonda’s headbands & home videos inspire a health-crazed cocktail… And Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” strikes it rich – as a four year old. Plus, Rachel Kushner’s hot new novel, part-time chickens, and a cowpoke joke.

Elliot Bergman of Wild Belle Gets Meta


Elliot Bergman who, along with his sister Natalie, makes music as Wild Belle, tells us a fitting joke…about wild bells.

Modern Farmer's Reyhan Harmanci & the Joys of Chicken Rentals

Small Talk

Reyhan Harmanci, Deputy Editor of the new food & culture magazine Modern Farmer, explains how to have all the fun of a chicken coop - but pay a little less scratch.

Jane Fonda’s Workout and The VHS

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Jane Fonda blazed a trail for leg-warmer-wearers everywhere with the release of her first workout video tape in 1982. It went on to sell millions of copies, which spiked VCR sales, and helped grow the fitness industry nationwide. While you certainly shouldn’t drink alcohol while exercising, here’s a custom (healthy!) concoction for your post-workout wind-down.

Molly Ringwald Picks a Few New Standards

Guest List

Molly Ringwald is best-known for her leading roles in classics like “The Breakfast Club” and “Pretty in Pink” - but the actress-turned-author has now added another line to her résumé: jazz singer. Her debut album Except Sometimes is a collection of jazz and pop standards. She tells us about it, and about a few newer songs that should be enshrined in the songbook.

Chef Bobby Flay Cooks Up Answers to Your Etiquette Quandaries


We grill celebrity chef, restauranteur, and star of cooking/reality shows Bobby Flay with listener questions - and see how well he takes the heat.

American Pickers' Mike Wolfe Uncovers his First Find


On the History Channel series American Pickers, Mike Wolfe travels the country digging up unbelievable (and undervalued) collectibles. He tells us about the first time he hit a goldmine.

Author Rachel Kushner Discusses Her Latest Novel, 'The Flamethrowers'

Chattering Class

The Flamethrowers, a new novel from Rachel Kushner, might be a bit difficult to parse in casual party chit-chat. Luckily, the author sat down with Brendan to talk it out, so you’ll be the savviest person in the room.

Actor Colin Firth on Assuming New Identities

Guest of Honor

Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth chats with Rico about identity crises and unanswerable questions, then dissects our brains.

Michael Pollan's Elementary Approach to Cooking

Main Course

The famed food writer talks about baking anxiety, the dark side of cheese, and crackerjacks - and why we are because we cook.

Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams 'Get Lucky'

One For The Road

Get the party started with a new Daft Punk track.

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