A History Lesson With Booze ®

A Farewell to Michelle Philippe

We're marking the historic end of an era. For years, our friend Michelle Philippe has been our show's "voice of history," but she's leaving public radio to pursue her writing and acting career. We wanted to have her on for a final goodbye. Toast to her tenure with a vodka and tomato-infused cocktail.

The UK Celebrates the End of Rationing

Sixty-three years ago this month, the United Kingdom marked the end of an era. Learn a little about WWII food meat rationing and get a pork-infused cocktail recipe to celebrate!

A Daring Trapeze Artist and How The Leotard Got Its Name

This week back in 1859, Frenchman Jules Leotard wowed audiences with a daring circus act that had never been seen before. Learn about it – and the outfit he wore – before turning your world upside down with this custom cocktail.

How Thomas Jefferson Saved and Changed the Library of Congress

This week back in 1800, the U.S. government's oldest cultural institution was founded. Find out how the founding father influenced the library’s scope, then toast with a cocktail celebrating the institution's current top librarian.

How ‘Nosferatu’ Was Almost Burned Out of Existence

Back in 1922, a classic movie monster was born and was almost immediately plunged into the scariest nightmare of all... a lawsuit. Learn the tale, then get the recipe for a custom twist on the Blood & Sand cocktail

The Health Nut Who Invented Corn Flakes

This coming week back in 1852, a man was born who went on to change the way mainstream America ate breakfast. Learn why his ideas weren't exactly mainstream and enjoy a mocktail.

How American Money Upgraded From Coins to Paper

Back in 1689, cash got a whole lot easier for Americans to carry around. Learn how our country's currency went from primarily metal to mostly paper, then cash out with a custom rum cocktail.