A History Lesson With Booze ®

Alfred Ely Beach’s Early Subway Pipe Dream

This week back in 1870, the inventor became an underground sensation, only to have his success blown away. Find out more and quickly enjoy the breezy rye cocktail it inspired.

How a Playwright Almost Started a War

Guest historian Sarah Vowell shares a tale adapted from her new book, "Lafayette in the Somewhat United States," about one of the proudest playwrights (and worst spies) of all time. Soak it in...along with a bubbly cocktail inspired by his escapades.

The Drunken Night of Debauchery That Inspired an Idiom

Just in time for a rambunctious Halloween weekend, find out about the night so rowdy, it changed the way we describe rowdy nights. Then wash it down with a strong cocktail that'll paint your tongue red.