363: Nick Offerman, Emily Witt, Rick Astley

Photo Credit: Emily Shur

“Parks and Rec” alum Nick Offerman carves out his own niche, solves problems with bear hugs… Singer and godfather-of-memes Rick Astley lists some alternatives to his beloved “Rick-roll”… Journalist Emily Witt ponders sex and love in the 21st century… And “Daily Show” correspondent Hasan Minhaj makes a lofty proposal! Plus: drooling drummers, a cold war close call (with a nerve-settling cocktail), and sous vide fast food.

A Cold War Close Call

A History Lesson With Booze ®

You're the White House Security Adviser, it's 3AM, and you get the call that Doomsday is nigh — but then you learn it was all just a computer simulation gone awry.

How Rick Astley Rolls

Guest List

Back in the '80s, Rick Astley scored a string of synth-backed R&B hits. Including "Together Forever"... and another little number that, decades later... earned an unlikely second life as the internet meme "rickrolling." He gave us a list of funny and dramatic alternatives to use the next time you want to rickroll a friend.

Nick Offerman Carves Out His Own Niche

Guest of Honor

Nick Offerman starred as Ron Swanson on the sitcom "Parks and Recreation," delivering deadpan zingers through a lush mustache. He also stole scenes in the delightful "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl." But one of Nick's true passions is wood. This week, he released a book about it called "Good Clean Fun,” and chats with the guys about how his woodworking passion ties in with his acting, and more.

Hasan Minhaj Makes a Lofty Proposal


As Senior Correspondent for "The Daily Show," Hasan Minhaj spends his days skewering the political theater. But he's also doing theater of his own. His autobiographical stage show "Homecoming King" opened off-Broadway last fall, and it's now touring the country. In the audio above, he shares a tale he didn't work into that show... about the best -- and most stressed -- day of his life.

Nick Offerman's Key Advice: 'Hug Before Punch'


Each week you send in your questions about how to behave, and here to answer them this week with a bit of gruff wisdom is "Parks and Recreation" actor and comedian Nick Offerman. After chatting with Rico and Brendan about his new book and his woodworking passion, he stuck around to tell handle our listeners' grilling quandaries and whiskey woes.

Emily Witt Takes a Closer (and Personal) Look at Dating in the Modern World

Chattering Class

When the investigative journalist was 30, she found herself single and questioning whether she'd soon find love. So she decided to explore the modern state of sexual relationships in her latest book, “Future Sex.” It details her experiences dating online, on the set of a porn shoot, embedded with a polyamorous couple, and beyond.

Amber Coffman - 'All To Myself'

One For The Road

Amber Coffman's stunning voice and gorgeous harmonies are a big component of beloved indie group The Dirty Projectors. She recently announced a forthcoming solo album called, "City of No Reply." Here's the first single. It's entitled, appropriately, "All to Myself."