Episode 286: Best of 2014

We are kicking off 2015 by rounding-up some of our (and your!) favorite moments from 2014.  Actor Jeffrey Tambor talks parenting — in real life and television … Grilled cheese sandwiches fall from the sky … Anjelica Huston will not be forgotten … A collection of all-star etiquette wisdom from Billy Eichner, Mel Brooks, Betty Halbreich, Justin Simien, and Annabelle Gurwitch … Jessie Ware shows us some love …  Marlon James takes us to Jamaica, Bill Nye takes us to the stars, and Greta Gerwig jumps for joke-joy.

Greta Gerwig - "Geronimo"


Actor-writer Greta Gerwig takes a leap in this icebreaker.

AFP/Getty Images

Skill, Luck, and the Shady Underground World of Pinball

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Pinball was once considered a shady game of chance -- banned in many American cities. Learn how a single lucky shot changed the rules... then shoot down a custom cocktail that'll make you tilt.

Photo: Tim Zaragoza

Jessie Ware Takes Us to a Romantic Zone


From a career launched in the UK dance music scene to her recent collaborations with American R&B royalty, Jessie Ware crafts beautiful songs which blend the electronic with the soulful -- and the longing with the sassy. Just like her party playlist.

Jeffrey Tambor's Professional Transition

Guest of Honor

Jeffrey Tambor plays the transgender parent at the heart of "Transparent" -- the critically-acclaimed new dramedy series from Amazon, which manages to be poignant, sensitive, and funny. He tells Rico about the immersive prep he did for the role, and about his, like, totally spacey Bar Mitzvah, maaan.

Marlon James Imagines an Intimate Bob Marley


Jamaican-born writer Marlon James' novel, "A Brief History of Seven Killings," follows fictional characters who get involved in a real historical event: the 1976 attempted shooting of Bob Marley.

Falling Food is a Delicious Gift from the Sky

Main Course

Jafflechutes is Melbourne's first "float-down" eatery. Simply pay online, wait at the "X" at the designated time, and be ready to catch.

Mel Brooks' Biggest Faux Pas


The comedy legend provides etiquette advice we suggest you never take.

Billy Eichner's Advice from the Street


On comedian Billy Eichner's show, "Billy on the Street," he grabs random New Yorkers, shoves a microphone in their face, and yells questions. We figured it was time he answer a few, behind our microphone.

Annabelle Gurwitch Enjoys Life's Tweet-Sized Pleasures


Actress, humorist, author, and multi-hyphenate Annabelle Gurwitch thinks it is time middle-aged people face facts: 50 is not the new 40. 50 is 50 - but that is perfectly fine.

Filmmaker Justin Simien Schools Us on Sloppy Slang, Dorm Room Rules


The Sundance-winning writer/director of the funny and provocative new film "Dear White People" -- about race relations at a private university -- tells us about uniting his many disparate personalities... then offers our listeners etiquette advice, y'all.

Famed Fashion Stylist Betty Halbreich on Shopping Sanely


For decades, Betty Halbreich has been the legendary 'personal shopper' at New York's Bergdorf Goodman, helping women - bold-face names and otherwise - to find a personal style that suits their bodies and soothes their anxieties.

Photo: Paul Jasmin

Ego, Earth, and Anjelica Huston

Guest of Honor

Actor Anjelica Huston discusses her new memoir, "Watch Me," which focuses on her personal life and Hollywood career, and she reveals her two tips for overcoming airline anxiety.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Jumpstart

'Science Guy' Bill Nye Takes Off

Chattering Class

"Science Guy" Bill Nye gazes at the stars with us and gives his interstellar travel guide.