Episode 269: Mel Brooks, Greta Gerwig, and AC Newman

Photo: Steven R Stack

This week: Comedy legend Mel Brooks reanimates “Young Frankenstein” then offers priceless etiquette advice (warning: may include death threats, flatulence, gallows humor, and uncontrollable laughter)… Actress Greta Gerwig (“Frances Ha”) tries a love story on for size… AC Newman of indie rock super-group The New Pornographers spins a party soundtrack that’s so cool, it’ll annoy you… The one and only ‘Cat Cafe’ in North America (no, you do not eat the cats)… The science of “nose-blindness”… We toast Emma Nutt, the first female switchboard operator in history.  And music from your new (old) grrlfriends Ex Hex.

Greta Gerwig - "Geronimo"


Actor-writer Greta Gerwig takes a leap in this icebreaker.

Nose-Blindness: Do you Smell What I Smell?

Small Talk

People lose the ability to perceive the scent of their environment within just a few sniffs, according to recent studies. In other words, your house probably smells grosser than you think.

Telephone Switchboards Get Their First Female Voice

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Telegraph offices were staffed by young boys - but as telephone operators... they were less than a perfect fit. So in 1878, the first woman became an operator, and changed the face - and voice - of an industry.

Greta Gerwig's Secret Shirt


Writer and actor Greta Gerwig shares her contribution to "Worn Stories": a story of falling in love, a soft shirt, and an inspirational secret

The Joyful Secret of Mel Brooks' Success

Guest of Honor

Mel Brooks is responsible for writing and creating some of the most classic comedies of the Twentieth Century, including "Young Frankenstein" which is being re-issued this month to celebrate the film's 40th anniversary.

A.C. Newman Holds Us Captive


Singer-songwriter A.C. Newman has produced four solo albums in addition to his work with The New Pornographers. The group has a new album this month, "Brill Bruisers." He spins us a party playlist, and performs a close lyrical analysis of the Doobie Brothers.

Mel Brooks' Biggest Faux Pas


The comedy legend provides etiquette advice we suggest you never take.

Cat Cafes Come to Canada

Main Course

Le Cafe des Chats is North America's first-ever cat cafe, where pet-less urbanites and assorted cat people can sit down for a coffee and snack with some feline friends.

Ex Hex Don't Wanna Lose

One For The Road

Ex Hex, a new project from Mary Timony (ex-Wild Flag), releases a debut album of energetic, smart, and very fun rock'n'roll next month.