Episode 210: Andrew Bujalski, Andrea Martin, and Fishy Business

Andrew Bujalski - Credit Larry Busacca/Getty Images

This week: pioneering indie filmmaker Andrew Bujalski plays “Computer Chess” and speaks up about mumblecore… SCTV alum and Tony-winner Andrea Martin gets car-jacked, politely… Debut novelist Gabriel Roth debuts a list of debuts… “Blackfish” director Gabriela Cowperthwaite plunges into controversy… and NYC’s Russ & Daughters celebrate herring season by teaching Brendan to eat like a marine mammal.  Plus: America’s first parking meters pop up… Emily Post’s great-great-grandkids give bad manners a summer holiday… and your next holiday could be a camping trip on the moon.

Gabriel Roth Gets Spicy


Silly chili from novelist Gabriel Roth.

Landing a National Park on the Moon

Small Talk

Reyhan Harmanci, senior editor of Modern Farmer, tells us about some... astronomical ambitions to establish an American national park on the moon.

Birth of The Parking Meter

A History Lesson With Booze ®

This Week in 1935, Carl C. Magee invented the “park-o-meter” and proceeded to rake in the hard-earned nickels of Oklahoma City’s befuddled residents. Think about it over a cocktail - but don't stay too long.

Filmmaker Andrew Bujalski Speaks Up

Guest of Honor

Andrew Bujalski, the "Godfather of Mumblecore," took a break from making films about the romantic lives of young people to make "Computer Chess" -- his new film about '80s software engineers in love with computers. Bujalski tells Rico about shooting a movie about the '80s with cameras from the '60s, setting limits on those new-fangled wheels, and the consequences of repeating an innocent joke to a journalist.

Debut Novelist Gabriel Roth Debuts His List of Debuts

Guest List

"The Unknowns" marks the impressive literary debut of author Gabriel Roth. The novelist gave us a list of some other impressive inaugural outings.

Andrea Martin Gets Carjacked, Politely


After having her beloved red Mustang stolen from her, a police officer told Andrea Martin that one should never have a conversation with someone holding a gun. Here, the actress tells the story of what happened before that moment, and how her life changed because of it.

The Hip Herring

Main Course

New-catch Holland herring is a special little fish and a seasonal treat for seals and humans alike. Niki Russ Federman of Manhattan's landmark seafood seller Russ & Daughters is the third generation of the family running this so-called "house that herring built," making her uniquely qualified to talk about this slippery delicacy.

The Posts Provide a Peloton of Politeness


Just 'cause it's summer doesn't mean you can take a vacation from your manners. We invite back our friends Lizzie Post and Daniel Post-Senning, co-authors of "Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition," to answer listeners' questions about bicycle hygiene, small explosives, and non-creepy conversations to have with a restaurant server.

"Blackfish" Director on Captive Killers

Chattering Class

In her new documentary "Blackfish," Gabriela Cowperthwaite tells the story of Tilikum, a killer whale who killed his own trainer and two other humans, and raises questions about the ethics and safety of holding orcas in captivity. She tells Rico why she took on the story, and how these non-whales got their name.

Savoir Adore Get Back to Their Nature

One For The Road

Brooklyn band Savoir Adore have just re-released their album "Our Nature." This song, "Dreamers" should be good for a not-too-sleepy summer night.

Playlist: Episode 210


A chronological list of all the tunes in this week's show.