Episode 333: Peter Berg, Pusha T, Illeana Douglas

Hollywood heavyweight Peter Berg confesses to starting the TV binge craze, but does NOT apologize… Pusha T invites Kanye to our party (soundtrack)… Illeana Douglas becomes a tuning fork for Marlon Brando… We toast the day that Johnny Cash’s career rebounded — in prison… Brendan gets the skinny on huge 2016 food trends …And essayist extraordinaire Heather Havrilesky (aka “Ask Polly”) comes in for an etiquette session. Plus, the geography of genius, and the most one-of-a-kind book shop in the world.

Eric Weiner - 'Does This Taste Funny To You?'


The "The Geography of Genius" writer and NPR contributor shares an icebreaker you'll eat up before getting his insights on creative brilliance around the world.

The Most One-of-a-Kind Book Shop in the World

Small Talk

Sadie Stein, contributing editor at the Paris Review tells us about the very quirky business plan behind the bookstore Morioka Shoten in Tokyo. At least it'll eliminate shopping FOMO.

The Time Johnny Cash Went to Prison... to Perform

A History Lesson With Booze ®

This week back in 1968, one of the greatest albums ever was recorded before a pretty unusual audience.

Party Till Sunrise With Pusha T's Playlist


Rapper Terrence Thornton -- better known as Pusha T -- was half of the iconic rap duo Clipse. Kanye West recently appointed him president of his record label, G.O.O.D. Music. He's got a new solo album called "Darkest Before Dawn." Here he is with songs... and one drink recommendation.

Peter Berg Talks Military Tales and Starting the Binge-Watching Craze

Guest of Honor

As an actor Peter Berg has starred in the TV series "Chicago Hope" and in dozens of films. But he's also become a major filmmaker. He directed the film "Friday Night Lights," which he developed into the beloved TV series. And he helmed last year's acclaimed thriller "Lone Survivor," about a Navy Seal team in Afghanistan. He talks to Rico about seeking out the truth for his docuseries "Live to Tell" and not apologizing for the time you lost binge-watching "Friday Night Lights."

Illeana Douglas Shares the Ultimate Marlon Brando Fangirl Story


Illeana Douglas has starred in films like "To Die For" and "Cape Fear." Her new book, "I Blame Dennis Hopper," is half memoir, half love-letter to the movies. She tells us how a chance encounter with a Hollywood legend inevitably led to the biggest show business regret. Bonus: She also tells us how to came to own Marlon Brando's driftwood collection.

3 Food Trends That'll Excite Your Senses in 2016 From Bon Appétit

Main Course

Brendan gets the scoop from Food Director Carla Lalli Music on just a few of the trends highlighted in the magazine's latest issue, including koji rice and… oatmeal.

Where to Hide the Good Beer At Parties: Sage Advice from Heather Havrilesky


Each week, you send in your questions about how to behave and here to answer them this week is writer Heather Havrilesky. She's regularly graced the pages of Salon, The Alt, and The New York Times Magazine, among other outlets. She also writes the popular advice column, Ask Polly and this year, she'll release her second book called, "How to be a Person in the World." Listen as she solves listener questions about "obligatory" gift-giving and proper plate-licking.

How Chaos, Catastrophe and More Influence Genius Around the World

Chattering Class

"The Geography of Genius" writer Eric Weiner shares a few tidbits on what he's learned from his search across the globe of the most creative places in history.

Web Extra: How Illeana Douglas Wound Up with Marlon Brando's Driftwood Collection

Web Extra

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