Episode 249: Scarlett Johansson, Billy Eichner, and Slint

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This week: Scarlett Johansson muses on ol’ blue eyes and earthly aliens… Comedian Billy Eichner takes etiquette to the streets … We catch up with 90’s alt stars Slint… A baseball game everyone wanted to lose… Terrifying Easter bunnies, brought to you by UCB co-founder Matt Walsh… Uncovering Uzbek cuisine … And, check your chins, we might be at Peak Beard.

“A Well-Dressed Gator” – Lance Bangs


The Fuzzy Science of 'Peak Beard'

Small Talk

Beards have become so popular in contemporary fashion that a study shows we may have hit Peak Beard - the tipping point when clean-shaven stands out as rare and attractive.

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32 Innings of Cold, Unpleasant Baseball

A History Lesson With Booze ®

In 1981, the longest professional baseball game in history played out - for eight hours on a freezing Rhode Island night.

An Easter Bunny that Will Haunt Your Dreams


In an attempt to recreate a sweet tradition started by his father, Matt Walsh accidentally terrifies his child, ruins the Easter Bunny, and nearly breaks a window.

Scarlett Johansson's Golden Age

Guest of Honor

Scarlett Johansson on grit, glamour, and punching the nicest man in Hollywood in the face.

The Exotic-Yet-Familiar Fusion of Uzbek Cuisine

Main Course

Uzbek cuisine has yet to break through in the US - but it might be on the cusp, blending Silk Road flavors into soulful dishes.

Billy Eichner's Advice from the Street


On comedian Billy Eichner's show, "Billy on the Street," he grabs random New Yorkers, shoves a microphone in their face, and yells questions. We figured it was time he answer a few, behind our microphone.

Slint's Trail from Obscure to Essential

Chattering Class

In 1991, Slint released their second record - and then almost immediately disappeared. The band never reached mainstream success, but their swan song influenced a generation of musicians and remains an underground classic. Rico talks with drummer Britt Walford and with filmmaker Lance Bangs, whose Slint documentary is in theaters (and a new box set) now.

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