Episode 221: Daniel Radcliffe, Lars Ulrich, and Elizabeth Gilbert

This week: Daniel Radcliffe wears a mask that’s not for a role … Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich tells your roommate to turn that racket down … Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) sets the planets spinning … Cartoonist Jeff Smith lists favorite strips … Visiting the Candyland of vegetables … There is danger and allure at “The Summit” … A famously bad sitcom is still famous … And art students build the next Robocop …

Lars Ulrich in "Metallica Through the Never," courtesy of Picturehouse

“Scary Math” – Lars Ulrich


ESP is Now Real, Thanks to British Art Students

Small Talk

Wearable technology to enhance the senses - and make humans look like creepy robots - developed at the Royal College of Art.

'My Mother the Car' Births a Sitcom Legacy

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Pop culture went pretty... far out in the 1960s. One sitcom, "My Mother the Car" was so absurd - and absurdly bad - that it lived on (in infamy) for far longer than its 30 episodes.

Cartoonist Jeff Smith Draws Out His Favorite Indie Comics

Guest List

The creator of "Bone" and editor of "Best American Comics 2013" goes beyond the newspaper strip to select some of the most interesting new comics being created.

Daniel Radcliffe Only Walks Free on Halloween

Guest of Honor

The actor who played Harry Potter has moved on - this month to a television miniseries set in early 20th century Russia - but his fans just can't seem to get over his "distinctive eyes."

Chris Jackson / Getty

Elizabeth Gilbert 'Loves' a Party


Elizabeth Gilbert, the woman who launched a thousand book clubs with her 2006 best-seller "Eat, Pray, Love," is back with a new novel, "The Signature of All Things," set in the world of nineteenth century elites.

The Friends of the Beacon Food Forest

Enjoying the Fruits of the Food Forest

Main Course

Seattle's Beacon Food Forest is a community garden on a large scale, where volunteers staff the farm and the public is free to come and pick whatever they need.

Lars Ulrich Keeps a Polite Beat


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is not known for being quiet - but that doesn't mean he isn't polite.

"The Summit"

The Deadliest Day on 'The Summit' of K2

Chattering Class

For every four people who have reached the summit of K2, one has died in the attempt. Eleven climbers died on a single day in 2008. A new documentary explores the beauty, danger, and obsession of The Savage Mountain.

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