362: The 2016 All-Book Episode

It’s a very special all-book show! Featuring etiquette tips from “Eat, Pray, Love” author Elizabeth Gilbert… A lesson on tribal society with “The Perfect Storm” writer Sebastian Junger… Man Booker prize recipient Marlon James confronts his bullies in drag… Israeli novelist Etgar Keret welcomes a newborn amidst a terrorist attack… Illustrator Molly Crabapple talks about her time in the “naked girl business.” Plus: We hear from not one, but two(!) poet laureates, listeners invite a literary character to dinner, small talk about a single-item bookstore, and a QWERTY-inspired cocktail.

The Most One-of-a-Kind Book Shop in the World

Small Talk

Sadie Stein, contributing editor at the Paris Review tells us about the very quirky business plan behind the bookstore Morioka Shoten in Tokyo. At least it'll eliminate shopping FOMO.

Inventing the Typewriter (and Beginning the 'Hunt-and-Peck')

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Christopher Latham Sholes' "literary piano" led to the 1868 invention of the typewriter -- and, along with it, the QWERTY keyboard layout. Learn about some of the quirks of Sholes' device, and then try to type the alphabet while drinking this cocktail.

Etgar Keret Welcomes a Child Amidst Chaos


"Girls" actor Alex Karpovsky reads an excerpt from the author's memoir, "The Seven Good Years."

New Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera Sings Out

Guest of Honor

U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera takes us from the spoken-word poems of his mother's kitchen to the inherent contradiction of being the nation's appointed poet. Plus, he'll share with you the nutrients that poems need to grow.

Attack, Pray, Leave: Elizabeth Gilbert Offers Up Advice


Elizabeth Gilbert began her career writing magazine pieces for the likes of GQ and The New York Times, and then went on to write several well-received books, including her smash hit, globe-trotting journey of self-discovery called "Eat, Pray, Love." Her latest non-fiction book is called "Big Magic." She tells us about conquering fear so creativity can thrive and then recommends unleashing your inner Bruce Willis.

Sebastian Junger Explores the Importance of Tribes in Modern Society

Guest of Honor

Sebastian Junger is probably best known for two works: his bestselling book "The Perfect Storm," later turned into a blockbuster starring George Clooney. And his Oscar-nominated documentary "Restrepo." In which he tagged along with US soldiers during some of the worst fighting of the Afghanistan War. His latest book is called Tribe." In it, he argues humans are predisposed to live in tribes and uses this theory to explain why civilians -- and especially soldiers -- have a hard time re-adjusting to modern life after war.

Invented Words and Moments Observed with Poet Billy Collins

Chattering Class

Billy Collins is a former two-term Poet Laureate of the United States and about as acclaimed as a contemporary poet can be. He reads from his new book and reminds us of the importance of taking a walk in the park.

Molly Crabapple Draws Blood, Dancers and Detainees

Chattering Class

Molly Crabapple is an illustrator and activist whose work has appeared in Marvel comics, on protest posters for the Occupy movement, and she also traveled to Guantanamo to sketch the military hearings there. She just released a memoir called, "Drawing Blood." She reflects on her craft and what she learned from testing herself in "the naked girl business."

Marlon James Lets his Inner Diva Strut


The author remembers a time when he dared to turn the tables on school bullies and chats with our hosts about Hollywood and Jamaican geek subcultures.

Listener Letters: Literary Dinner Party Guests


Hear listeners and bookworms explain why they'd want to break bread with a variety of literary characters like Gandalf, Shug Avery, Jay Gatsby, Hermione Granger, and more