The 2015 All-Food Show

Just in time for a week of feasting, it’s our special All-Food Show! Chefs Gabrielle Hamilton and Dan Barber turn food afterthoughts into fine dining … We ruminate on the history of the toothpick… Questlove and Conor Oberst play dinnertime DJ… Eddie Huang, of “Fresh off the Boat” fame, addresses do’s and don’ts about donuts… And more!

Julie Klausner - 'Cheese Factory'


The "Difficult People" writer and star stops by to give us a cheesy joke that's really grate! (Sorry.)

A Crash Course on The Netherlands' 'War Fries'

Main Course

"Amsterdam Foodie" Vicky Hampton gives Rico the skinny on a local favorite: "war fries." It's condiment carnage.

Picking Through the Story of a Historical Brainstorm

A History Lesson With Booze ®

The story of a clever businessman mass-produced toothpicks and popularized them using intimidation tactics that, remarkably, had nothing to do with shaming people for food caught in their teeth.

Conor Oberst's Perfectly Imperfect Playlist


Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst takes us through a party, from dancing with crab rolls and admiring national treasures, to what he thinks might clear the room (though we beg to differ).

A Supposedly Food Thing Meghan Daum Will Never Do Again


The foodie world of "heirloom tomato ketchup and chanterelle mushroom omelets" holds little appeal for columnist and essayist Meghan Daum.

Nerding Out with 'Food Lab' Writer J. Kenji López-Alt

Main Course

This week, Brendan talked with self-professed food nerd J. Kenji López-Alt about his new book, "The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science." It's a thousand-page book on every food in the world... and how most people are cooking them wrong. The chef and Serious Eats managing culinary director explains his method of bringing science to the kitchen and busting that myth about searing meat.

Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images

Chef Gabrielle Hamilton's Work is Excellent — Not Fine

Main Course

Acclaimed chef and best-selling author Gabrielle Hamilton knows her way around a kitchen. For 15 years she has helmed Prune, one of the most celebrated restaurants in New York City, and her memoir "Blood Bones and Butter" won a James Beard award. This month she released her first cookbook, "Prune."

Dan Barber Transforms Food Waste With Flair

Main Course

Brendan heads to a groundbreaking pop-up eatery in NYC that is re-purposing edible food waste - of all sorts - as fine dining. Dog food may be involved.

Roots drummer Questlove shares a meatier kind of drumstick

Main Course

As the drummer and co-leader of hip-hop group The Roots (also the house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) ?uestlove is music royalty. Now he’s getting into the food game, too, and it turns out his buttermilk chicken is as good as his music. Bon Appetit named it one of their top things to eat in 2012. We grilled the musician about his ironically healthy new diet, and why food is the new hip-hop. For more tales of ?uestlove’s life - musical and otherwise - his just-released memoir is sure to be a treat.