The Corpse Reviver Royale

This week in 1927, on the eve of releasing the first “talkie” feature, a tooth infection rendered studio chief Sam Warner forever silent. But don’t let the story get you down: here’s a spin on a classic cocktail that raises the dead.

The Deception

This week in 2001, British Army Major Charles Ingram, his wife Diana, and college lecturer Tecwen Whittock teamed up to win £1 Million on the UK version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” And if you’re thinking that show doesn’t allow teams… you’re right. Learn how they did it, then toast their chutzpah with a cocktail that’s not what it seems.

FBI vs. The Kingsmen

This week back in 1965, the FBI wrapped up one of its strangest investigations. Toast the Kingsmen's garage-rock classic, "Louie Louie," with a custom cocktail that has an equally unintelligible name.

Casey’s Killjoy

On June 3rd, 1888. Ernest Thayer's baseball rhyme "Casey At the Bat" was first published in the San Francisco Examiner. Popularized by vaudeville actor DeWolf Hopper, soon everyone in America was in love with the poem except the author. And even he would surely appreciate this week's drink: a Mudslide reimagined for Mudville.

Death On The Rocks

On January 12th, 1967, Dr. James Bedford became the first person to be cryonically preserved, his body sealed in a capsule full of supercold liquid nitrogen. Cryonicists still celebrate the anniversary -- they call it "Bedford Day." In honor of which we present this ice-cold re-imagining of the classic cocktail "Death In the Afternoon."

The Great Smog of London

For much of the 20th Century, England's romantic mist was actually a not-so-romantic brew of coal smoke and fog -- the word "smog" was coined to describe it. This week in 1952, the worst smog ever descended upon London, killing at least four thousand people... and providing the inspiration for this week's cocktail.

Dillinger and The Old Fashioned

Manhattan cocktails were popular in John Dillinger’s day… and Old-Fashioned's are simply Manhattans with sugar and bitters added. Have a little blast from the past with this cocktail, as prepared by John the bartender at Los Angeles’ Dresden Room.