A Drunken Bet Leads to an Airborne Stunt

In 1956, someone bet New Jersey resident Thomas Fitzpatrick that he couldn't get to Washington Heights in Manhattan in fifteen minutes. He took drastic measures to prove his drinking buddy wrong. Twice.

Frozen Beer Heats up in L.A.

An ice cold beer -- it's the iconic summer tipple. The paradox: how do you keep that beer ice-cold in the summer heat? We head to L.A. restaurant Chaya, the first restaurant in America licensed to sell the solution: frozen beer.

Inventing the Typewriter – and the Hunt and Peck

Christopher Latham Sholes’ “literary piano” led to the 1868 invention of the typewriter - and, along with it, the QWERTY keyboard layout. Learn about some of the quirks of Sholes’ device, and then try to type the alphabet while drinking this cocktail.

Jane Fonda’s Workout and The VHS

Jane Fonda blazed a trail for leg-warmer-wearers everywhere with the release of her first workout video tape in 1982. It went on to sell millions of copies, which spiked VCR sales, and helped grow the fitness industry nationwide. While you certainly shouldn’t drink alcohol while exercising, here’s a custom (healthy!) concoction for your post-workout wind-down.

The Most Famous Punch Bowl in Sports History

In 1892, a certain Lord Stanley of Preston purchased the most notorious punch bowl in sports history. Learn about some of the (in)glorious moments in the lifespan of Stanley's "Cup," and then fill it with this sweet Canadian cocktail.

Gumming-Up History

This week in 1891, Chicago entrepreneur William Wrigley began giving away bubble gum. Learn about how he turned this chewy afterthought into a billion-dollar model of marketing...and then blow bubbles in this custom cocktail.

Pay up, Beardo!

This week in 1698, Tsar Peter the Great tried to change the face of Russia… by instituting a beard tax. Fight the power - and put some hair on your chest - with a classic cocktail from America’s most famous Russian-themed restaurant.