Episode 224: The 2013 All-Movie Episode

This week it’s a special ALL MOVIE EPISODE!  Starring Oscar-nominees Michelle Williams and David O. Russell … Also: Laura Dern re-examines David Lynch’s brain(s) … “Hunger Games” make-up artist Ve Neill lists a few fave transformations … Spike Lee plays matchmaker …  Steven Spielberg incites a teenage riot … Dick Cavett teaches us “how to Hitchcock”…  David Alan Grier gives “two snaps up” to listeners’ questions… And we toast the biggest premiere in movie history.

Bryan Cranston Inches Toward a Punchline


The star of films like "Argo" and "Drive" (as well as television's "Breaking Bad") inches along.

David Denby Wants to Be a Zombie - in a Good Way

Chattering Class

"New Yorker" film critic David Denby reminds us of the power of the movies.

Harmony Korine, Soldier of Cinema

Guest of Honor

Filmmaker Harmony Korine knows he's the greatest (if he does say so himself).

'Gone with the Wind' Causes a Southern Spectacle

A History Lesson With Booze ®

This week back in 1939, the epic civil war film “Gone With Wind” had arguably a MORE epic premiere. 150,000 people flooded the streets of Atlanta to celebrate.

Makeup Artist Ve Neill Gets Scary (and Silly)

Guest List

Ve Neill is one of the legends of movie makeup. She put down her arm-load of Oscars for a moment to list her favorite on-screen makeovers in movie history.

Spike Lee Does the Romantic Thing

Guest of Honor

Spike Lee's film "Do the Right Thing" might not be the most traditionally romantic movie one can imagine - but it was the destination on one particularly fateful date night in 1989 which might just have changed American history.

Hitchcockian Speaking Lessons


Legendary talk show host Dick Cavett knows a thing or two about talking to celebrities - and, as it turns out, how to talk LIKE them, too.

Michelle Williams Channels Her Inner Marilyn

Guest of Honor

Movie star Michelle Williams joins us to talk about another movie star, Marilyn Monroe, and keeping the public and private spheres separate (even during story-time).

Steven Spielberg and a One-Boy Religious War


Comedian, actor, and major Steven Spielberg fan-boy, Adam Pally tells us the story of how the "ET" director changed the course of his religious life.

Filmmaker David O. Russell on Hollywood's Silver Linings

Guest of Honor

It was a pretty good week for filmmaker David O Russel - is "Silver Linings Playbook" picked up film fest honors and eight Academy Award nominations - which gave him a little something to sing about.

David Lynch: A Brainy Director

Guest of Honor

As a teenager, Laura Dern found herself in an unusual acting situation on the set of "Blue Velvet." It involved David Lynch, Dennis Hopper, and an actual brain (of which she never did find out the source).

David Alan Grier Returns to his Radio Roots


David Alan Grier has starred in theater, television, and movies over the course of his career - but he started out in public radio. We invited him to give back to the medium that gave him his big break by answering listener etiquette questions.

Rodney Ascher's 'Room 237'

Chattering Class

Filmmaker Rodney Ascher turned his lens on 'Shining' obsessives... Rodney chats with Rico about art and analysis, monomania, and Kubrick's (theoretical) moonlighting.

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