Episode 342: Nicholas Hoult, Tatiana Maslany, Duncan Sheik

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Encore Broadcast: “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany plays clones, twins, and Ying Yang Twins… Nicholas Hoult (“Mad Max: Fury Road,” the new “Kill Your Friends”) revels in a bit of depravity — and a good fanny pack… “American Psycho” gets the Broadway treatment, from Tony winner Duncan Sheik… A portrait of Georgia O’Keefe as a young woman… A Chicago priest battles the “Polish Edison” over credit for the bulletproof vest… And the band Heron Oblivion transports us to a rustic seaside dinner party — so rustic, in fact, that it’s set in a chicken coop.

Nicholas Hoult - 'Elephant in the Room'


The actor delivers quite possibly the most charming icebreaker we've ever had before talking to Rico about his new film "Kill Your Friends."

A Priest and the 'Polish Edison' Battle over the Bulletproof Vest

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Learn how a Chicago priest named Casimir Zeglen used silk to invent the modern armor... and how the crafty inventor Jan Szczepanik took all the credit.

Heron Oblivion DJ a Chicken Shack Party


Heron Oblivion is one part peaceful folk rock crooning and one part heavy psych guitar. Pitchfork says their songs "slip easily between dynamics --harmony to dissonance, quiet to loud." Their self-titled EP is in stores now. Check out their playlist full of great guitar licks and drums firing on all cylinders.

Sex, Drugs, and Fanny Packs with Nicholas Hoult

Guest of Honor

Back in the early aughts, Nicholas Hoult played the "boy" in the beloved romantic comedy "About a Boy." Hoult and his career have grown since then. In his new film "Kill Your Friends," Hoult plays Steven -- a venal player in the hypercompetitive British record industry of the late '90s. The actor explains the difficulties of snorting fake cocaine and offers some sweaty trivia.

Dawn Tripp Has Georgia O'Keeffe on Her Mind


Writer Dawn Tripp's essays have appeared in the Believer, The Rumpus and elsewhere. Her fourth novel, a national bestseller, paints a surprising portrait of a well-known artist.

Tatiana Maslany Talks Terrible Accents and Tough Love


For the last three years, Tatiana Maslany has starred as not one, not two, but nine-and-counting characters on the much-acclaimed BBC America series "Orphan Black" -- for which she earned an Emmy nomination. Tatiana gives us some insight on playing a small army of clones, reveals the bad hip-hop she's been listening to, and advises our listeners on what to do if they look just like Moby.

Duncan Sheik Blends Synths, Satire in 'American Psycho'

Chattering Class

Duncan Sheik has been penning pop music since the '90s, when his tune "Barely Breathing" was a top 20 hit. But these days he may be best known as a Broadway composer, and his latest stage project may also be his most unlikely: He's written the music and lyrics for a musical adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' satirical horror novel, "American Psycho." He tells Rico why there's a little Patrick Bateman in all of us.