Episode 307: Alison Bechdel, Chuck Palahniuk, Colleen

Encore Broadcast: Alison Bechdel — whose graphic memoir “Fun Home” is now a 12-time Tony-nominated musical — tells us how she gets comfy, with her life on stage… “Fight Club” author Chuck Palahniuk schools us in prank-ology, to celebrate his new sequel… The Posts tackle some especially hairy etiquette hang-ups… We tune into an avant-garde-tinged soundtrack, courtesy of French songstress Colleen… 2015 ballpark cuisine — from nachos-on-a-stick to pulled pork parfait. Plus, the surprisingly continental history of blue jeans, a library you can’t visit for 100 years, and lots more.

Mia Alvar - 'Nosy Pepper'


The acclaimed author, who read an excerpt from her upcoming collection of stories titled "In the Country," shares a spicy joke about prying peppers.

A Library of Books You Can't Read for 100 Years

Small Talk

Reyhan Harmanci, editor in chief of Atlas Obscura, tells us about the Future Library, an art initiative where authors like Margaret Atwood submit original material that will not be published for 100 years.

From Genoa to Nimes: The Brief History of Jeans

A History Lesson With Booze ®

This week back in 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis landed a patent for what may be the best-known item of clothing ever -- denim jeans. Learn about the surprisingly international history of All-American blue jean, then salute your shorts with a custom cocktail.

Colleen's Chill Playlist for a Laid-Back Dinner Party


French musician Cecile Schott, who performs under the name Colleen, has composed six albums of instrumental music featuring an ancient string instrument called the Viola da Gamba, layered with electronic effects. Pitchfork says several tracks on "Captain of None," her new album, "positively vibrate with melodic ideas." Here's Cecile with a chill party playlist.

Alison Bechdel Gets Comfy With her Life on Stage in 'Fun Home'

Guest of Honor

The graphic novelist talks to Brendan about developing her best-selling memoir for the Broadway stage and having three "stunt doubles."

Mia Alvar Tells a Tale of Parties and Expats in 1980s Bahrain


The author, who was born in the Philippines and raised in Bahrain and the United States, reads an excerpt from her upcoming collection of globe-trotting short stories.

The Best and Weirdest Ballpark Cuisine

Main Course

Eater.com Managing Editor Sonia Chopra guides us through the growing variety of options in baseball stadium dining, from "The Churro Dog" to pulled pork parfaits.

Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning. Courtesy of The Emily Post Institute.

The Posts Take on the Great Reclining Airplane Seat Debate


The newly-dubbed "Etiquette Ninjas" also offer up advice on dealing with bill-squabbling double dates and finding a "benevolent truth" to compliment a friend on a bad haircut.

Chuck Palahniuk Gives a Lesson on Prank-ology

Chattering Class

The "Fight Club" author schools us on a few of his former antics as a member of the Cacophony Society, a network of individuals who seek to disrupt the mainstream through hilarious means.

Destroyer - 'Dream Lover'

One For The Road

Canadian pop iconoclast Dan Bejar goes by the name "Destroyer," and he just announced he'll release a double LP called "Poison Season" on August 28. Here's the first single.