Episode 297: Zachary Quinto, Sara Schaefer, Leon Bridges

This week: Actor Zachary Quinto gets a memento from Tennessee Williams… Soul singer Leon Bridges steps back in time… Comedian Sara Schaefer aces her hygiene homework… Beating food waste, in new ways… The most costly art heist in US history inspires a bitter cocktail (made by a former art guard!)… A soundtrack from post-punk band Viet Cong….And more.

Seinabo Sey - 'Pirate Alphabet'


Swedish soul singer Seinabo Sey, who recently gave us a soundtrack with spice, jokes about why pirates might need a help navigating the alphabet.

Math-Challenged Matrimony

Small Talk

L.A. Weekly's chief film critic Amy Nicholson applauds an Indian woman who broke off an arranged marriage -- at the altar -- after the groom gave a very wrong answer to a simple question.

Credit: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images / iStockphoto / Thinkstock

The Biggest Heist in U.S. Art History, Still a Mystery

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Find out about the most costly property theft in US history: the 1990 Isabella Gardner Museum art heist in Boston. Our bartender -- himself a former art guard -- mixes up a drink that's laced with bitterness.

Cheerios and Exit Music from Viet Cong


Canadian post-punk band Viet Cong -- one of the music acts playing at Austin's South by Southwest festival -- give us a soundtrack that'll invite folks into a party ... and then expel them.

Zachary Quinto on 'The Slap,' Nimoy, and Gifts from Tennessee

Guest of Honor

Actor Zachary Quinto chats with Rico about his central role in the NBC drama "The Slap," his late mentor Leonard Nimoy, and a very special gift he received that once belonged to Tennessee Williams.

Sara Schaefer's Hygiene Horror Story


Comedian Sara Schaefer has hosted an MTV talk show (Nikki & Sara Live), had an innovative interview podcast (Lies) and earned an Emmy blogging for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. This week, she shares a story from her brand new comedy album ... that smells like teen spirit.

Dan Barber Transforms Food Waste With Flair

Main Course

Brendan heads to a groundbreaking pop-up eatery in NYC that is re-purposing edible food waste - of all sorts - as fine dining. Dog food may be involved.

R&B Sensation Leon Bridges: From Shelter to the Storm

Chattering Class

Soul singer Leon Bridges just released his debut album and the buzz around the young Texan is at a fever pitch. Brendan sits down with the humble throwback artist.

Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning. Courtesy of The Emily Post Institute.

Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning on Gloating and Baby Holding


Etiquette experts Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning explain the proper protocol for holding cutlery ... and holding babies. (The technique is not the same, mind you.)

Canning Etiquette, Atlantis Theories and More Listener Feedback

Listener Letters

Our listeners talk back about canning etiquette, Atlantis theories and how to pronounce Kolatches.

Playlist 297


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