Episode 259: Rich Sommer, Jackie Collins, and Roger Ebert, Remembered

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The life and legacy of critic Roger Ebert … Secret liaisons with Jackie Collins … Boozing and camping with “Mad Men” actor Rich Sommer … Heavy metal rockers Zig Zags crash your party … A spooky, supernatural adventure … Crafting a symbol of Pride … A joke for book-worms … And dating for super-nerds.

Emma Straub - "Problems"


Author Emma Straub schools us with a smarty-pants joke.

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Mensa Match-Making

Small Talk

A new collaboration between "genius society" Mensa and dating site Match.com helps the super-smart seeking a meeting of the minds.

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Raising the Pride Flag

A History Lesson With Booze ®

In 1978, a former soldier with a sewing machine and his friend Harvey Milk decided it was time to craft a symbol of gay pride. The rainbow flag they made became recognizable around the world and changed Gilbert Baker's own life forever.

Zig Zags Mellow, for a Moment


L.A. trio Zig Zags are known for heavy, retro metal-punk and have collaborated with Iggy Pop and Ty Segall. They turned the volume down a notch to put together this mellow, '70s-style playlist.

Roger Ebert: A Life on Film

Chattering Class

"Life Itself" - the new film by Steve James which he began filming just five months before Roger Ebert's death - documents the beloved film critic's life and legacy.

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Eerie Ordeals


Lauren Owen's debut novel, "The Quick" is a gothic, supernatural tale, set in Victorian England about a woman searching for her brother who has gone missing under very mysterious circumstances.

What 'Mad Men' Actor Rich Sommer Isn't Doing on Set

Guest of Honor

At our live show in Santa Monica, Rich Sommer -- aka Harry Crane on AMC's "Mad Men" -- tells us what's actually in those vintage cocktail glasses from which his character's always sipping... and about the sordid history of Uno.

Jackie Collins' Etiquette: Lying, Infidelity, Decadence


Bestselling novelist Jackie Collins answers audience etiquette live on stage at our June, 2014 event. It gets a little saucy, and not solely because her latest project is a cookbook.

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