Episode 235: Lupita Nyong’o, Gary Shteyngart, and Rust Belt Restos

Robin Beck / AFP / Getty Images
Robin Beck / AFP / Getty Images

This week: Lupita Nyongo, Golden globe nominee for “12 Years A Slave” reveals the secret to happiness… Gary Shteyngart develops a crush on the Iron Lady … Beyond the tabloid tale of Tonya Harding … Pittsburgh, PA steels itself for an influx of foodies… Novelist Chang-Rae Lee’s dystopian vision of Baltimore … Night clothes with thinking caps … Playing political games … And advice you asked for about the questions you shouldn’t ask.

“Bad Luck Wife” - Gary Shteyngart


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Why Sleep When You Can Scan?

Small Talk

Reyhan Harmanci, executive editor of the food and culture magazine Modern Farmer, joins us to get cozy with "smart pajamas."

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Skill, Luck, and the Shady Underground World of Pinball

A History Lesson With Booze ®

Pinball was once considered a shady game of chance -- banned in many American cities. Learn how a single lucky shot changed the rules... then shoot down a custom cocktail that'll make you tilt.

Three Bleak-but-Beautiful Dystopias that Inspire Chang-rae Lee

Guest List

Novelist Chang-Rae Lee shares some of the dystopic yet nonetheless poignantly beautiful visions of the future that inspired his newest book, "On Such a Full Sea."

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Lupita Nyong'o Invites Us Into Her Bubble

Guest of Honor

With her feature film debut in "12 Years a Slave," Lupita Nyong'o stunned critics and audiences and became perhaps the breakout star of the year. Now up for just about every award an actor can receive, she talks to us about the 'athletics of the heart' and trusting her fellow artists.

The Big Literary Successes of a 'Little Failure'


Lauded author Gary Shtenyngart has penned hit novels including "Super Sad True Love Story" and "Absurdistan." His newest book, "Little Failure" is his first memoir, named after the nickname his mother called him.

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Tonya Harding and the High 'Price of Gold'

Chattering Class

Nanette Burnstein's new documentary, "The Price of Gold," digs behind the headlines of the infamous 1994 conflict between figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.

Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning. Courtesy of The Emily Post Institute.

Living a Guilt-Free 2014 with the Posts


We are delighted to invite our friends the Posts back to our table to answer your etiquette dilemmas (and the timing of this invitation has nothing to do with guilt about a gift from us that might have been lost in the mail).

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The Culinary Renaissance of Pittsburgh, PA

Main Course

Chef Kevin Sousa is one of the brightest stars bringing some sparkle to Pittsburgh's once-dull dining scene. He chatted with Rico about Steel City's changing tastes.

Looping a 'Lariat' Around Stephen Malkmus

One For The Road

Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus is back on the street with a new record, "Wig Out at Jagbags"