Episode 200: Noah Baumbach, David Alan Grier, Temple Grandin, and Kids Comix

Noah Baumbach/Pine District, LLC

This week: Filmmaker Noah Baumbach on the new New York… David Alan Grier answers (most of) your etiquette questions… Autism pioneer Temple Grandin diagnoses Mr. Spock… Travel writer Matt Gross goes to the edge… “Love & rockets” co-creator Gilbert Hernandez on ’60s comics that were super, sans superheroes… Why guilt is good (for groceries)… and we toast folk-hero Colonel Blood with a tipple from London. Plus: the caveman lexicon, and a song from Savages.

Filmmaker Noah Baumbach celebrates old-fashioned bohemians in the new New York

Guest of Honor

The indie filmmaker's newest, Frances Ha, is an uncharacteristically upbeat look at a young artist struggling to survive in contemporary New York City. He chats with Rico about the new New York, fending off superheros, and Spaghetti-or-Meatballs.

David Alan Grier with a Devilish Joke


David Alan Grier's publicist isn't going to like this joke...

Travel writer Matt Gross likes to live right on the edge


Many people dream of traveling the world and reporting on it for newspapers and magazines - but Matt Gross actually lived it. Now an editor at Bon Appetit, he was for years the Frugal Traveler at The New York Times. His new book, The Turk Who Loved Apples and Other Tales of Losing My Way Around the World collects several previously-unpublished travel essays. Here, he shares one.

Alt-cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez lists beloved kid-comics of a bygone era

Guest List

The creator of Love and Rockets is back with a semi-autobiographical comic book about being a kid. He remembers back to a time when comics for kids, about kids, were more popular than super-heroes.

When it comes to groceries, guilt is good

Main Course

Food writer Cathy Erway on the pros and cons of joining a CSA

A lucky thief and Bloody Cheek

A History Lesson With Booze ®

In 1671, Colonel Thomas Blood attempted to steal the Crown Jewels - armed with little more than his charm. He failed miserably. Learn about why King Charles rewarded the red-handed bandit, and then quaff this gilt-y pleasure of a cocktail.

David Alan Grier Returns to his Radio Roots


David Alan Grier has starred in theater, television, and movies over the course of his career - but he started out in public radio. We invited him to give back to the medium that gave him his big break by answering listener etiquette questions.

Autism expert Temple Grandin on thinking across the spectrum

Chattering Class

Dr. Temple Grandin is a college professor, scientist, inventor, activist, best-selling author - and a person with autism. In her newest book, The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum, Grandin incorporates her own experiences with cutting-edge science and innovative theory, and advocates for embracing and educating children anywhere on the autism spectrum.

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