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Jeffrey Kluger Thinks This Interview Is All About Him

Reality show stars are actually less narcissistic than convicted psychopathic murders, and other facts about the disorder from Jeffrey Kluger, author of "The Narcissist Next Door: Understanding the Monster in Your Family, Your Office, and Your Bed."

Along for the Trek with George Takei

"To Be Takei" tells the personal story of actor, activist, and pop-culture figure George Takei, from a childhood in a World War Two internment camp to the stars - or "Star Trek," anyway - and beyond, overcoming discrimination along the way.

Priceonomics Exposes Scams and False Assumptions

In their new book, bloggers from Priceonomics set out to use the tools of hard data analysis to puncture some of the arbitrary assumptions and outright scams built into everyday life.

Roger Ebert: A Life on Film

"Life Itself" - the new film by Steve James which he began filming just five months before Roger Ebert's death - documents the beloved film critic's life and legacy.

The Jet Set Age of Travel, Glamorous Take Off to Turbulent Crash

Journalist William Stadiem's new book, "Jet Set: The People, The Planes, The Glamour and the Romance in Aviation's Glory Years," celebrates the glamorous golden age of air travel - from its take-off in 1958, to its demise in the 1970s, and the decidedly unglamorous and class-divided present.

‘All the Way’ in Studying the Legacy of LBJ

The author of Broadway's Tony-nominated "All the Way" tells us what about the personality and presidency of Lyndon Johnson seems to have recaptured the national attention in 2014.

Jon Favreau’s Passions in Film and Food

The director of Hollywood hits like "Iron Man" returns to his indie-film roots to write, direct, and star in the passion project "Chef" - about a chef who leaves a big restaurant to start an indie passion project of his own.

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Discovering Griffin Dunne (Again)

Actor, director, and film producer Griffin Dunne talks about returning to the starring role after years behind the camera - and shares some secrets about his famous aunt, Joan Didion.