Chattering Class

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro’s ‘UnREAL’ Look at Reality TV

Writer Sarah Gertrude Shapiro draws inspiration from her previous role as producer for nine seasons of "The Bachelor" to bring in her newest series, "UnREAL." Find out why her own experience on "The Bachelor" was "kind of like a vegan getting hired to work in a slaughterhouse." Plus, Rico and Sarah exchange tips on surefire ways to make a 20-something cry.

The Triumphs and Tragedies of Nina Simone Through the Lens of Liz Garbus

Nina Simone, known as the "high priestess of soul," has returned to the zeitgeist recently and is the subject of a new documentary released this week on Netflix -- the first they've ever commissioned -- called "What Happened, Misss Simone?" The film's director, Liz Garbus, talks with Brendan about the singer's brilliant musical talent, her struggle with bipolar disorder, and her passion for the civil rights movement.

Chuck Palahniuk Gives a Lesson on Prank-ology

The "Fight Club" author schools us on a few of his former antics as a member of the Cacophony Society, a network of individuals who seek to disrupt the mainstream through hilarious means.

Thomas Vinterberg Explores A Feminine Perspective, Life After Dogme 95

Danish filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg started a filmmaking movement with Dogme 95, recently earned an Oscar nomination for the chilling drama "The Hunt," and now turns to a Thomas Hardy adaptation in "Far From the Madding Crowd." He reflects on the vicissitudes of fate and the emergence of feminism... and then shows off a hidden talent.

Cynthia Barnett Drops A Little Rain Knowledge

Environmental journalist Cynthia Barnett showers us with facts about precipitation, like why it always "pours" when it rains, and how our prune-y fingers may have been an adaptation to cope with a wetter world.