A History Lesson With Booze ®

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Donkey Kong Rolls Out

In 1981, Japanese video game company Nintendo couldn't get the rights to the characters they wanted, so they made their own - and ended up with their first American hit.

An Attempted Demolition of Disco

This week back in 1979, Chicago rock DJ Steve Dahl took revenge on the disco craze by holding a massive disco bash – literally.

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Raising the Pride Flag

In 1978, a former soldier with a sewing machine and his friend Harvey Milk decided it was time to craft a symbol of gay pride. The rainbow flag they made became recognizable around the world and changed Gilbert Baker's own life forever.

Mailing Children Through the US Post

When the US Postal Service first launched Parcel Post, they set a rule about no parcels over 50 pounds in weight - but they didn't specifically say no live human children...

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From ‘Planet X’ to Pluto

This week, back in 1930, Pluto was officially named. And of course we don’t mean the Disney character.

Ping Pong Diplomacy with “Chairman Wow”

This week back in 1971, a chance encounter between two ping pong players — one American, one Chinese — led to a thaw in the cold war, and paved the way for President Nixon’s biggest political coup.