Your Dinner Party Disaster Here

Time to get this off your chest. Spill a glass of merlot on your boss’s snow white bijon frise? Congratulate your cousin on her “pregnancy”? Blow up the kitchen with your experimental souffle? Here’s to hoping you’ll get a little catharsis – or a big laugh – out of sharing your story… by clicking [HERE](
We’re hoping to compile a web feature of the best (a.k.a. worst) tales. We might even integrate some into the show, with your permission.
In case you’re curious, MY story, which I’m sure could be easily bested, goes like this (in fast-forward): Soaked a vat of potatoes for St. Patty’s, left the sink running, got engrossed in a phone call, came back 15 minutes later to a flooded hallway, ruined the wooden floors, mopped up for an hour, and finally ate the mashed potatoes while listening to the wood boards crack as they warped, like a massive tuneless accordion….
But I’m sure there are far more awful/funnier disaster stories awaiting discovery. Thanks again for being bold and sharing yours with us.
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