Your Dinner Party Disaster Here

Time to get this off your chest. Spill a glass of merlot on your boss’s snow white bijon frise? Congratulate your cousin on her “pregnancy”? Blow up the kitchen with your experimental souffle? Here’s to hoping you’ll get a little catharsis – or a big laugh – out of sharing your story… by clicking [HERE](
We’re hoping to compile a web feature of the best (a.k.a. worst) tales. We might even integrate some into the show, with your permission.
In case you’re curious, MY story, which I’m sure could be easily bested, goes like this (in fast-forward): Soaked a vat of potatoes for St. Patty’s, left the sink running, got engrossed in a phone call, came back 15 minutes later to a flooded hallway, ruined the wooden floors, mopped up for an hour, and finally ate the mashed potatoes while listening to the wood boards crack as they warped, like a massive tuneless accordion….
But I’m sure there are far more awful/funnier disaster stories awaiting discovery. Thanks again for being bold and sharing yours with us.
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  • Alicia

    My roommate and I had been living in Montreal for a about a year (we’d moved there from BC). A friend of ours from high school was visiting, and we invited one of her friends and his sister (who also did the BC to Montreal move) to join us for dinner. It was summer, we had a pretty little back garden, and two dogs. The friend and his sister had a dog, too, and asked if they could bring him over. Our dog had gone into heat (we were broke and hadn’t had a chance to get her fixed yet) so we asked if their dog was neutered. He was, so we saw no problem with him coming along.
    And it wouldn’t have been a problem, except for the fact that despite missing his balls, Sunny (the other dog) knew what a bitch in heat smelled like, and he got, really, really excited. So excited that he started chasing my 12-month-old lab puppy around and around the house and garden, kicking up dirt and making a huge mess. I wish the mess was the only thing we had to deal with.
    Sunny started…humping…my dog. With gusto. And my sweet, innocent little puppy liked it. A lot. At first we tried to separate them, but they weren’t having any of it. The humping turned into full-out doggy intercourse. So here we were sitting with a couple people we didn’t know well, trying to ignore the fact that their dog was fucking ours at our feet while we were trying to eat dinner. It was entirely bizarre; I don’t know how we did it.
    Three hours later, the dogs had tired themselves out and flopped down on the ground, soaked with each others’ saliva. The friends leashed up their dog, and went home.
    For some reason, we weren’t drinking that night — maybe the friends were on the wagon, maybe we’d been imbibing too much and decided to take a break. All I know is that as soon as Sunny and his owners turned the corner, my roommate and I ran to the corner store to buy a bottle of wine while we still had time. And then we proceeded to get very, very drunk.

  • Alicia

    AAAaaaaand, I just saw the link to *actually* submit the story. Apologies, I’m not wearing my glasses.

  • Jackson

    No worries at all. Thanks for sharing the awkwardness and setting the bar high! I’ll be in touch if we end up using the story in any way. ~Jackson

  • Boz

    I had a party with a fairly large number of close friends. I was in a “casual” relationship with one of the women. Half way through the party, one of the guys there asks me if I am sleeping with this woman. I tell him, “Ask her, that’s her business.”
    He freaks (turns out she was sleeping with him too). Panic ensues, and the crying woman clubs me for ruining things with her best friend. Those two eventually leave.
    Long awkward pause, other people leave. I few stay and we play the card game “A**hole”.
    That guy and woman eventually marry..and I was sooo happy for them, because it wasn’t me getting married to her…

  • Paul Wong

    Mexican get-togethers will forever be a twilight zone for me. My host had bragged at length about how his cousin had brought chorizo from Mexico.
    A big fan of chorizo, I exclaimed at an over-enthusiastic yelp: “Man, you have to let me taste some of your chorizo!”
    After the cackling laughter died down, my friend–with beet red, blushed face, supporting himself with bent elbow on shoulder–exhaled between gulping breaths: “Dude, you just asked if you could taste his…[more laughter] sausage.”
    I was subsequently laughed at for the rest of the evening.
    It could have been worse…at least it wasn’t a quinceanera…