Rollins Meets Cash Meets Clash

During our fall 2011 taping with Henry Rollins, he told an unbelievable story about a backstage encounter between himself, Joe Strummer of the Clash, and Johnny Cash. The tale was, alas, too epic for our radio time constraints…but it SCREAMS to be heard, so here it is. Enjoy!

Your Dream Guests Have Arrived!

We received oodles of fantastic responses to our call-out for "Dream Dinner Party Guests." And now, without further ado, here's a sample of who showed up to your epic shindigs...

Tell us your dream dinner party guests!

I know, it’s unfair. Every week, WE get to choose the “Guest of Honor” for our show. To right this wrong, we’d love it if you’d let us know YOUR ideal guests. Anyone’s fair game. Share your picks after the break.

Your Dinner Party Disaster Here

We’ve all been there, and now it’s time to spill: what’s your worst dinner party experience? Set something on fire? Insult a stranger? Fail to hide your host’s inedible food? Share your story with us, and we might include it on this site… or even on the show.

DPD joins the Public Insight Network!

We’ve partnered with the Public Insight Network to make it easier for your insights, musings, rants, and suggestions to inform the DPD. Read on to sign up and to see what stories you can help us with right now.