Small Talk

DPD joins the Public Insight Network!

The DPD is happy to announce that we’ve partnered with the [Public Insight Network](! (DPD+PIN – it’s a marriage made in acronym heaven.) But what exactly do all those letters mean?
The DPD *thrives* on our connection with listeners. Everyday via Facebook and Twitter, YOU give us phenomenal comments about breaking stories, amazing music, and tasty morsels that we’ve featured…or that we should be featuring. So first of all, thanks!
The Public Insight Network provides a new way for us to interact with listeners and – more importantly – for you to interact with us. We’d love it if you would be a PIN “source” so that our coverage stays uber-fresh and relevant. This involves us emailing you *no more than once a month* to ask about your insights into stories that we and our partners at other shows (*Marketplace*, *Being*, etc.) are working on.
To join the amazing team of storytellers, taste-testers, and critics that comprise the Public Insight Network (PIN), click [HERE]( (It’s very painless – promise!)
Alternatively, you can automatically be enrolled as a source by answering any of our three fun, inaugural questions below. You’ll recognize the format, I think.
[**Tell us a joke to break the ice!**](
[**What was your favorite news story this week?**](
[**Be our Guest: Tell us something that we don’t know**](
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, laughs, and insights with us.
Jackson Musker
(DPD’s PIN Coordinator)
If you have any questions at all about the DPD’s collaboration with the Public Insight Network, please feel free to email me at