A History Lesson With Booze ®

The Smoke-Filled Room and “The Dark Horse”

This week back in 1920, a group of politicians gathered in a hotel suite… and a political cliche was born.

Take a deep drag of this murky cocktail:

The Dark Horse

As decided upon by Nandini Khaund of The Violet Hour in Chicago.

– 1.5 oz Weller 107 Antique bourbon
– 1/2 oz Smith and Cross rum
– 1/4 oz Malort
– 1/8 oz Green Chartreuse
– 1/4 oz demerara syrup
– 13 drops Tobacco bitters
– 6 drops Campfire bitters
– Rinse Laphroiag

Rinse glass with Laphroiag, set aside. Stir all ingredients except Campfire bitters on ice. Strain into rinsed glass over fresh ice. Add Campfire bitters and a lemon zest. Sip it behind closed doors, in a vaguely shady manner.