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Back in 1930, India was a British Colony and Indians were forced by law to buy British-made salt. Gandhi wasn't pleased, so he decided to march to the ocean and illegally make his own. This week marks the anniversary of the "Salt March" -- in honor of the legendary teetotaler.

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The History Lesson

This week back in 1930, Mahatma Gandhi orchestrated one of the greatest moments in the history of non-violent protest. For India’s independence movement, victory wasn’t sweet — it was salty.

Back in 1930, India was a British colony. And one of the nice things about having colonies is you can force them to buy your stuff. Britain passed laws that made it illegal for Indians to make salt and taxed British salt to the skies. Now, everyone needs salt to live. So Gandhi figured the tax was a symbol of injustice that would unite everyone against the Brits. He announced a plan to march to the ocean — where he’d illegally make his own salt.

Newspapers jumped on the story. Gandhi played up the drama saying the protest could get him killed. Finally, Gandhi sent the Brits a letter — if they called off the tax, he’d call off the March. They ignored him, bad move. Gandhi began the march with 80 followers but by the time he reached the sea, 50 thousand more had joined up. The morning of April 6th, he picked up a clump of beach salt and said quote: “With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire.”

With this act India had its cue., It seemed as though a spring had been suddenly released all over the country. Millions demonstrated, boycotted English goods, and churned out illegal salt. The tax wasn’t repealed, but for the Brits it was the beginning of the end. 17 years later, India was independent. And 20 years later, a young Martin Luther King first read about the salt march.

The Booze

The Salty Lassi

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RECIPE as told to DPD by Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez owner of Lassi in New York, NY
– 4 cups of yogurt
– 1 tsp. of indian black salt (or whatever salt you have around)


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