Rollins Meets Cash Meets Clash

During our fall 2011 taping with Henry Rollins, he told an unbelievable story about a backstage encounter between himself, Joe Strummer of the Clash, and Johnny Cash. As if that image isn’t jaw-dropping enough, Tom Petty, mega-producer Rick Rubin, and June Carter popped in, too. The tale was, alas, too epic for our radio show’s time constraints…but it SCREAMS to be heard, so we’re posting it here as a web special. Enjoy! (Cue Henry, answering the question: “What’s the most memorable get-together you’ve been to?”)
Cash and Clash: Henry Rollins’ Epic Backstage Encounter- Public Radio’s The Dinner Party by The Dinner Party

  • Martin Schneider

    So great – my first dubbed punk tape a friend made for me in ’86 was London Calling on one side and My War on the other…Brian Fetterman sat on it.

  • Rico

    Now *that* is a cool tape, and a good friend. As for it being sat on, that’s Brian for you.

  • Josh Reyher

    This is awesome! Thanks for the bonus!