Meet This Week’s Guest Host: Tobin Low of ‘Nancy’

Learn a little more about who is filling Rico's shoes this coming week while he's away. Plus, get a few "Nancy" podcast episode recs!

We’re working on something special for our upcoming Oct. 6 episode. Rico will be away (we’ll explain more on the show) and so, to help Brendan steer the ship, we’ve asked Tobin Low to help. Tobin is the co-host of “Nancy,” an LGBTQ podcast from WNYC studios.

Haven’t heard of it and want to know where to start? Well, you’re in luck! Tobin was kind enough to recommend a few episodes. We think you should start with the pilot first (Tobin’s dad is hilarious). After that, here are the episodes Tobin recommends:

#9: Thank You for Being a Friend – Tobin and his co-host, Kathy Tu, talk about “The Golden Girls” with guests singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright and writer Saeed Jones.

#6: Here’s What It’s Like – Two guests of different generations (one of whom is a co-worker of Tobin’s) talk about their experiences living with HIV.

#22: Does Your Boss Know You’re Gay? – Listeners share their stories about how they navigate being out at work.